In January at The Boys Room Event

1.Rezzed Truck sits 4 kids: 2 cops and 2 arrested thugs in the back
2.Wearable truck makes cute siren noise when you walk
**Both trucks have wheels and steer that actually move as you change direction and siren lights that flash intermittently only when you drive
3.Walkie-Talkie is a chat extender that shouts in local chat everything you say while wearing it. For a plus of authenticity, your hand will put the radio close to your mouth when you type in local
4. Whistle makes short authentic whistle sounds when clicked
5. Handcuffs trigger arrested animation with hands cuffed in front
6. Copper Donut with eating animation
7. Baby Sheriff Badge lets everyone know who’s the boss
8. Baton makes you look like a real cop
9. Cop Cap is a very high-quality cap to complete your awesome looks